Tales of Zestiria The X Season 2 Episode 13

Review: While this final episode is not bad when compared to the rest of the show, it was definitely hurt by the extended break between episode 12 and 13. The momentum (what little this show had) was definitely gone and it took me awhile to remember exactly where we'd left the characters and then I … Continue reading Tales of Zestiria The X Season 2 Episode 13


Spring 2017 Week 4

Pretty sure the watch list is set at this point. There's a handful of shows that I'm still kind of thinking about dropping even though we've past the three episode point. I guess it really depends when they push me past being just kind of bored with them into disliking them. The rest of the … Continue reading Spring 2017 Week 4

Sagrada Reset Episode 4

Review: I've got nothing. While the reveals this episode don't really completely destroy my working theories from after episode 3, they don't add any support to them and some of the reveals make it seem like this show is a little more about plot convenience then about making a cohesive mystery. Though, that isn't saying … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 4

Kuromukuro Series Review

Overview: Kennosuke is a samurai who lived 450 years ago when ogres attacked his home and killed/kidnapped his Princess. Trapped in some sort of suspended animation, he is woken when the 'ogres' return and finds the world is a very different place. Review (there's a few spoilers): I haven't watched a lot of anime on … Continue reading Kuromukuro Series Review

Hunter x Hunter Episodes 34 + 35

Review Episode 34: Why is it when Killua says not to worry, I start to worry? Still, the events this episode were not unexpected and I kind of wondered why coercion to fight hadn't come up earlier. Essentially, Gon's 2 months of non-training have come to an end and now he and Killua are apparently … Continue reading Hunter x Hunter Episodes 34 + 35

WorldEnd Episode 3

Review: With the exception of one scene early on where there's an intentionally misleading comment about Willem sleeping with one of the girls, this episode actually dialed the fan-service moments way back down and instead finally turned its attention to Willem. He's a decidedly level headed individual really first looking through old records and then … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 3

The Royal Tutor Episode 4

Review: While the first three episodes of this were fine in their own way, and probably quite enjoyable if the style of comedy is more your thing, I honestly felt I could stop watching this show at any time and be perfectly fine with that. At the end of episode 4, I had a smile … Continue reading The Royal Tutor Episode 4

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 4

Review: And Glenn is back to being a bit scummy as he essentially places bets on his classes performance in the magical competition. This underlying idea kind of smashes any of his kindness or reasoned decision making in setting up the students and preparing them, and he does do some good work building the students … Continue reading Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 4

Friday’s Feature: Avoiding the Paradoxes of Time Travel or Plunging Headlong Into Them with Sagrada Reset

This post was written after watching the first three episodes of Sagrada Reset and while it discusses those episodes everything in this feature will be pure speculation and opinion. Keep in mind this post is not trying to tell you that Sagrada is an amazing, must watch anime given there are a lot of issues … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Avoiding the Paradoxes of Time Travel or Plunging Headlong Into Them with Sagrada Reset

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku Episode 3

Review: There's something very cyclical about the nature of Natsume Yuujinchou. Events have a way of repeating and characters who have long disappeared from the narrative return at the most unexpected of times. Admittedly, Shibata wasn't from that long ago, but he had a decidedly single episode air about him so his return this season … Continue reading Natsume Yuujinchou Roku Episode 3