Quick Question

I decided just to ask a quick question of my readers, given I’ve dropped a lot of shows this season and have been filling slots in my schedule with random movie reviews (and a game review just because), I’ve been wondering if there are any particular genres that readers would prefer to see when I step outside of my usual anime posts. Or would you prefer book reviews?

My preference in movies is clearly for action, fantasy, and horror with a little bit of rom-com, soft sci-fi, or just plain strange (unclassifiable but you can’t look away). Also, I have a thing for movies from the late 70’s to late 90’s. There isn’t anything particularly wrong with more recent films but there’s something about movies from in the time period that appeals (and, no I was not born in the 70’s, but I like some of the sci-fi and horror from the era).

Anyway, the blog focus is and always will be anime, but it has been fun over the last couple of weeks reviewing some non-anime material. I assume that when next season starts I’ll have more anime to review and will cut back on these sorts of posts but for the next few weeks there will be a few more of them.

Let me know what you think.

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Karandi James.



29 thoughts on “Quick Question

        1. I really couldn’t choose just one (same with anime to be honest). Still, I will pick something and write a book review in a couple of weeks I think. If nothing else it will be different.

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  1. I don’t have anything in particular I’d like to see featured on the blog, but I sure am interested in reading more diverse posts.
    I think it’s both fun for the reader and the blogger to step out of their main theme and discuss other things ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I have no issue with you also reviewing non-anime material so long as it keeps with your usual consideration of stuff like plot and characterisation. I am somewhat curious if you’ve watched much fantasy from France, Italy and Spain. I’ve seen some really interesting films come out of those regions that I found worthy of reading subtitles for.

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    1. Very little to none. I’ve never really looked for films from those regions so unless they just happened to get more mainstream attention (Amelie) I’ve really not watched much from there or even heard of it.


  3. That will be cool. Have you seen Evil Dead 1&2, and The Army of Darkness of the Evil Dead, because I seen Ash VS Evil Dead but I had do get caught up with the first season first to watch the 2nd season.
    I had seen the Army Darkness, then Evil Dead then the 2nd one and I like them in the same older that I seen them in.

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  4. I have really enjoyed reading your movie reviews. As my own blog deals with a lot of different topics as well, I can really say that I always like it when something different gets reviewed. As for genres, my taste in movies is very diverse, but I think the above comment of the mouseknight sums it up quite well: you should do what you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€ The movies you have been reviewing have so far been movies that I have highly enjoyed ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  5. Hm, I think you should do what you enjoy. However I think it would be good to stick with stuff that meshes well with your blog already. Maybe focus on nerdy movies! (Movies based on video games, comics, anime etc. and genres typically considered nerdy like sci-fi and fantasy.) I think book reviews could be interesting too, but I myself am not too interested in those, but that’s just a personal thing as I don’t read books as much as I used to. I don’t do anything as much as I used to though haha. Whatever you write about, I’m sure we will enjoy it!

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    1. While there’s definitely some classics that came out of the 50’s it wasn’t a big era for the genres I tend to focus on so I don’t actually think I own any movies from that time period.


  6. I think one way to spin it is movies, books, and games you’d love to see become anime. You could do your reviews and go into changes you’d like to see if it was adapted. Maybe even note some anime you think are similar for recommendations or examples. That way, the reviews don’t sort of stick out like sore thumbs because you can tie it back to your central focus.

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    1. Long term that would probably be the better option in terms of keeping the anime focus of the blog. Not sure how I’d go writing that at the moment but definitely something to think about. Thanks for the suggestion.


  7. I think a miscellaneous post that differs from your blog’s focus every now and again isn’t a bad thing. You can even sometimes tie that movie or game review into anime if possible. Your readers will enjoy whatever you post about because they’re your passions.

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  8. Have you ever watched Safety Not Guaranteed? I would be curious to hear your thoughts on that. It touches on some sci fi stuff, with some rom-com, and definitely a bit of strangeness. You might like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It’s a nice change writing them as well. While I love anime and that is going to stay the focus, I really just love stories so reviewing other forms of stories from time to time is kind of interesting.

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  9. I just like that you review movies, period. Really liked the break from anime-related weekly reviews with your No Man’s Sky posts. Doesn’t matter the genre so long as you’re reviewing films you want to review.

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