Friday’s Feature: You Have No Power Over Me – Man vs Self

This is my last feature for March and my last feature for now on conflict so I'm ending the month with Man vs Self. If you've missed any of the previous posts on Man vs Man, Man vs Nature, Man vs Technology or Man vs Society be sure to check out the posts. I'm not … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: You Have No Power Over Me – Man vs Self


Future Diary Series Review

Overview: Amano is your completely typical loner who struggles with social interactions so spends most of his time writing a diary on his phone where he documents things that happen around him (not things he does because he does very little). He has two imaginary friends that he talks to when he's alone at home … Continue reading Future Diary Series Review

ACCA Episode 12

Review: While I suspect not all will be thrilled with the way this resolved, for me it was the perfect way to end this story. At all times, things have been pretty laid back and resolved without much in the way of violence, and for the coup to end the way it did works perfectly … Continue reading ACCA Episode 12

elDLIVE Episode 12

Review: Amazingly enough we didn't get any kind of twist. The spy was Vega. We do get an angsty reason why and in the end we save him but seriously for a season finale having the recently introduced character turn out to be a traitor and call that a wrap on the season is just … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 12

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 12

Review: You know that feeling you get when you think something is a final and then it isn't? I kind of got that this week. There just doesn't seem any reason to stretch this another episode but stretch it we will. But hey, we finally got back story on Michael, the former shepherd, and how … Continue reading Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 12

Haikyuu Episodes 24 + 25

Review Episode 24: I guess episode 24 answers the question of how long can you stretch a game. There were some very nice and dramatic slow motion scenes of players returning the ball but not a lot else happens this episode other than the final ball dropping and then seeing how these players deal with … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 24 + 25

The Worst Show of Winter 2017

If you didn't see my poll for best show of Winter, I've added that poll at the bottom of this post as well. However, this post is primarily for voting for the worst show of Winter 2017. My criteria for worst show is pretty much bad story, bad characters, and/or boring (or you know, you … Continue reading The Worst Show of Winter 2017

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 48

Review: Please note: Major episode spoilers below - no attempt to conceal details. There was a lot of Orga focus in this episode, for good reason. What I particularly liked is that Orga's screen time didn't suddenly advance, and other than one flashback (which we've seen before from a different perspective) we didn't dwell on … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 48

Killing Stalking Chapter 10

Before I get into reviewing this I want to make it clear that none of the content being reviewed in this post is suitable for children and even for adults is probably going to be confronting. Anyone who has been following the copious posts about Killing Stalking on Twitter probably already know that, but just … Continue reading Killing Stalking Chapter 10

Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters With Gorgeous Long Hair

While I try not to write too many posts about the physical characteristics of characters, this was a list I've wanted to write for awhile. Long hair on guys is just kind of amazing (or at least I think so). And when it billows in the wind and invites you to run your fingers through … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters With Gorgeous Long Hair