Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 8


Really this episode is broken into three distinct set ups and none of them are particularly good or interesting but they aren’t particularly bad either. We have the Succubus and the Snow Woman bonding over gag manga (though snow girl doesn’t want to admit she likes it) and then the Succubus shares a story of when she was in middle school, which probably isn’t the kind of story a teacher should tell a story but it was funny. We have Hikari being bad at studying which they split into smaller segments throughout the episode and is pretty predictable. Then we have the competition to see which arm tastes better which in honesty was pretty pointless and the final joke where the girls gang up on Takahashi was pretty obvious. All and all, I could stop watching this and not care but it’s fairly far along in the season so I’ll probably stick it out at this point.

Interviews with Monster Girls is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 8

  1. I hope you don’t find me to be an ass for saying this, but I thank you for confirming I dodged a bullet. Perhaps you feel the same with Fuuka but goodness… this seems like the type of show it would take me an hour to finish just because I would keep finding something better to do.

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