Hand Shakers Episode 7


Eventually I will get over this meshing thing.


No, I won’t. And now apparently its contagious because other characters are saying it.



Anyway, there’s pretty much nothing else worth talking about in this episode. Instead of developing the guy who might be god, the point of the fighting, what hand shakers are, or anything of consequence, we watch Koyori learn to cook and then they run a stall at a festival. The end. No conflict, no revelations, no relevance, and zero point.

Of course, it seems like even the writers have given up trying to justify some of this nonsense.


Smart move Hand Shakers. Tip your hand to suggest that maybe you would have a point and then just remove all the elements of your show that are still actually interesting.

Hand Shakers is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.



2 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episode 7

  1. I saw the word ‘mesh’ in a story the other day and immediately thought of this show…and I don’t even watch it. Years from now, I’ll remember this as the mesh show that shouldn’t have existed.

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    1. I’ve really come to hate the word mesh through watching this show. There aren’t many words I hate and I think eventually I’ll get over this, but right now hearing the world actually makes me flinch.

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