Hunter X Hunter Episodes 8 + 9

Review Episode 8:

Just what we needed, a trip through a tower full of traps with Tonpa. Try saying that quickly. Anyway, once again we get to see the characters all be fairly callous after one of the applicants is eaten while attempting to scale down the outside of the tower. While I’m not expecting them to cry buckets they could at least pretend that they are upset that a person just died for a test. Other than that, mostly we get to learn more about what a despicable downer of a human being Tonpa is and I am really, really hoping something nasty happens to him soon. To be honest though, I think I’m getting hooked on this show because I nearly skipped ot the next episode without stopping to consider my thoughts on this one. I just want to know what happens next.

Review Episode 9:


I genuinely have no idea what time period this show is meant to be set in or based on at this point. The use of technology seems really random and inconsistent (because we had the laptop guy who dropped out, and there’s an airship, and this room but not seeing phones or modern weapons really at this point).

I kind of wondered when the rules for Gon’s match were explained what was going to stop them from just blowing out the other person’s candle so I’m kind of happy with how that match resolved but the real standout was Kurapika.


It was a great moment for him and what made it even better was Gon’s reaction.


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5 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter Episodes 8 + 9

  1. Definitely stick with this one, I say. Hunter X Hunter is probably the best battle shōnen series ever made. Every episode is something new and interesting, it never repeats itself, and each character in it feels like they have distinct goals, interests, and personality traits. For a while it looks something like a modern Dragon Ball, but it gets much better than that.

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    1. I don’t think this is ever going to top any of my lists as a favourite anime but it is certainly an enjoyable watch and getting better as it goes. Here’s hoping I continue to enjoy the ride given there’s still a lot of episodes to go.

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