elDLIVE Episode 4


This episode does indeed seem to kick things into gear finally. Admittedly, it starts slowly with Chuta reminiscing about the past, though in this case it is kind of important to show he has changed since joining elDLIVE and it becomes important later in the episode. We are subjected to one moment of fairly pointless comedy in the middle and then we go into the final part of the episode where it seems like things might actually get dangerous. This final part of the episode is actually really interesting because you know everything is about to go wrong and yet they pace it quite well to keep you in suspense without dragging. And then, unlike every other episode so far, they don’t rush a conclusion but rather let it end on a cliff hanger. All and all this episode is definitely a step up.

A note on Chuta’s power. We were told that he can imagine what he wants to happen and we’ve seen that in the previous episode where he used ice instead of sewing. The problem seems to be that Chuta apparently lacks imagination because he defaults to sewing almost every time we’ve seen him use his power.

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7 thoughts on “elDLIVE Episode 4

  1. This episode was definitely a major step up from the previous ones, and the threat certainly feels more present than it’s ever been.

    As for Chuta’s power, you’ve pretty much nailed it. He has the power of imagination, but his imagination is severely lacking. He actually bases most of his ideas on his love for Home Economics, which is his favourite past-time (as you’ve no doubt noticed, he really likes sewing clothes for his Aunt).

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        1. It would be interesting to see what he can do with it further down the track but for now I think there’s going to be a lot of frustration that he has a potentially awesome power that he keeps under-utilising.

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  2. Haha, you didn’t like Mom-bot? Misuzu actually selling the whole thing in her sleepy haze was great, imo. Or is the pointless part the water tank? Because I completely agree there.

    The cliffhanger is obvious because it’s a two part ep, but I’m hoping that this series continues to keep a few threads going past the single episode they’re introduced in. Likely the case as I don’t see DeMille going away in the next episode.

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