In Case You Missed It

Week 3 of Winter 2017 is done and while some people are loving this season there’s others struggling to decide what they want to keep watching. Despite that potential dilemma, there have still been a plethora of excellent anime related blog posts out there and I’m sharing a few of those below. As always, you are welcome to add a link in the comments to an anime (manga or gaming) related post that you think deserves a shout out.

Shameless self-promotion of the week: My thoughts on Scum’s Wish volume 2 are available on my Patreon page but it is available to the public so you don’t need to be a patron to read this post. End shameless self-promotion.

Jill, from Jill’s Writings on Anime, explains why Migiwa Kizuki is the worst mother in anime. Now that’s a fair call given how many terrible parents there are, but this is actually a fairly well made case.

Schizoidmouse brings us a great character piece on Iok Kujan from Iron Blooded Orphans and just why he is such a hated character. If you are watching the show, this is a post worth reading. If you haven’t watched the show but are okay with spoilers, it’s a post worth reading.

Weebtopia explores the music of Your Lie in April but their post covers a wide ranging discusison about the characters and the strengths and weaknesses of this anime (it also dives heavily into spoiler territory for anyone who still wants to be surprised by the ‘twist’).

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero has a list of their Top 6 Sadistic Megane. It’s a fun list if you enjoy seeing really good looking anime guys in glasses with some truly warped personalities on display.

Kevin Pennyfeather delivers a great discussion about ACCA and how the show is using the characters and visuals to build suspense. As this is the anime I’m most enjoying this season (that isn’t a sequel or continuation) reading this was a lot of fun and for those who haven’t picked up ACCA it is a great read about why ACCA is working (at least at the moment).

I think it’s time I just admit that as long as people are writing posts about Yuri on Ice I’m going to keep reading and enjoying them. Elisabeth over on Little Anime Blog posted some excellent videos of real skaters doing the routines from Yuri on Ice including  History Maker. I had a great time watching these and am still smiling at the thought.

Another Yuri On Ice post though this one from Caffeinated Telescope which looks at The Power of Delivering To Your Audience. It’s an interesting look at the creative process and the kinds of stories that are seeing success and maybe why. This one is quite a thought provoking post and whether you are a Yuri On Ice fan or not it makes you think about why it gained all those fans.

And that’s it from me this week.

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