Hand Shakers Episode 3


Is this story meshing yet?


Have our characters actually developed some character yet?


Not unless a poor catch phrase counts as character.

Truly this show continues to demonstrate how you can have most of the elements you need for something that works and still manage to deliver it in a manner that is almost inconceivably bad.

The entertainment in this episode is entirely derived from counting down to see just how many minutes before they reveal that the incredibly short manages is in fact… oh, there it is and now we’ll fight but we don’t know why or understand how and to be honest their attacks and defences just seem to modify themselves at will and the whole thing is just a mess. An amusing mess, granted, but I somehow don’t think that’s the enjoyment I’m supposed to be getting from this show.

Hand Shakers is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.



4 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episode 3

  1. I’m happy that I’m not alone in reviewer hell, tossing my thoughts on the mess known as Handshakers. I hope you continue with this one despite its lack of quality

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    1. Honestly, as bad as things are (and they are pretty bad), at least this is giving me something to write about. There is so much just bland out there at the moment that this is almost a relief because I know I will finish an episode with an opinion.

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