Trickster Episode 13


Inoue and Kobayashi are keeping the detective thing going even though Akechi seems to have bugged out and Hanasaki is moping or wallowing. And it’s kind of needed given the events of the last few episodes. To have Hanasaki bounce back and everything be fine would be ridiculous. But the problem is my general disconnect from these characters. Nowhere in the prior 12 episodes has this show made me care in the slightest about them so Hanasaki dealing with the trauma of being a ‘hostage’ (or a traitor depending on how you look at it) isn’t exactly a compelling character turn for him. The other issue I had was that the one positive Trickster always had going for it was that it looked good. This episode wasn’t bad but it seemed to be missing some of the sleekness of the earlier episodes. Or maybe I’m just getting more critical because I’m done with this. Sorry, but this is my last episode review of Trickster as I am moving on.

Trickster is available on Crunchyroll.

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