Seiren Episode 1


Shoichi is a highschool boy who doesn’t know what to do with his future. That’s all I got from this. According to Crunchyroll it is meant to be a romantic comedy but I’m just not seeing it.


I was so incredibly bored while watching this episode. I thought Schoolgirl Strikers was dull but that was before I got to this. At least Schoolgirl Strikers has weird monsters and occasional (albeit terrible) fight sequences to break up the monotony. There’s nothing wrong with following around a high schooler as they do high school like things. A large chunk of anime does exactly that. However, the main character is dull, the friends he encounters are equally bland, and so far the calling the girls generic would be an insult to all the generic girls in the world that still manage to be more interesting than this. Unless you particularly like no tension as students prep for exams or beetles, probably not worth the time. I’m very unlikely to watch another episode of this.

Seiren is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “Seiren Episode 1

  1. This was an underwhelming first episode but I have hope for nice romance with this series as I know Amagami SS went there. But really there was little excitement in the interactions, it’s just the first episode tho so we’ll see. The character designs are amazing though, so beautiful.

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