Tuesdays Top 5: Disappointments from 2016

Having covered some of the best from 2016 I kind of felt I should look at the shows that weren't necessarily bad but ended up being disappointing before I move on to non-2016 specific lists. Actually, this was probably the hardest list to write because there were just so many shows that had so much … Continue reading Tuesdays Top 5: Disappointments from 2016


Chain Chronicles – The Light of Haecceitas Episode 4

Review: Darkness is spreading, the Princess is in mourning after Burckhardt turned into a demon, and Phoena can't seem to even slow the spread of darkness in Yuuri's arm anymore. Again, no deviation from your standard fantasy plot and  while a lot of things might feel depressing this episode the characters keep returning to the … Continue reading Chain Chronicles – The Light of Haecceitas Episode 4

Blue Exorcist Episode 29

Review: After three episodes of mostly teen angst, we finally get back to the whole someone stealing the eye thing and of course it's the girl who got told one thing one time and decides it is an absolute regardless of evidence of lack of it. It's amazing how easy it is to convince yourself … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 29

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 15

Review: For a show where little happens from a plot point of view, they manage to keep the audience guessing anyway. After Rei lost his match I assumed that was the end of us watching the tournament, maybe the characters would discuss who won later. However, March once again proves that it is committed to … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 15

Nazotokine Series Review

Overview: This is a short anime that I picked up during the Autumn 2016 season. It follows Tokine who is an office worker who occasionally gets transported into a parallel dimension thing and generates energy by solving quizzes. I reviewed this week to week here. Review: There's not a lot left to say about this … Continue reading Nazotokine Series Review

In Case You Missed It

Week 3 of Winter 2017 is done and while some people are loving this season there's others struggling to decide what they want to keep watching. Despite that potential dilemma, there have still been a plethora of excellent anime related blog posts out there and I'm sharing a few of those below. As always, you … Continue reading In Case You Missed It

Fuuka Episode 5

Review: I'm officially dropping Fuuka at episode 5. To be fair to this episode, it isn't any worse than anything we've watched before but I'm tired of this show and these characters and the contrived situations they find themselves in and the inanity that stretches between the contrivances. There are plenty of other reasons to … Continue reading Fuuka Episode 5

Akiba’s Trip Episode 4

Review: Akiba's Trip was never going to be my kind of anime but the first episode was entertaining, bright, there were some genuinely funny lines, and the pace kept things moving along so you never felt like you just waiting for the next bad gag to land. By episode 4 this show has definitely developed … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 4

Hunter X Hunter Episodes 6 + 7

Review Episode 6: This exam just keeps getting weirder. I'm with the guys complaining that they've been challenged to a cooking contest. Admittedly, the do over exam where the challenge was ingredient collection makes sense because whether it is food or something else being able to get places no one else can would be a … Continue reading Hunter X Hunter Episodes 6 + 7

Winter 2017 Week 3

We've hit the end of week 3 and for a lot of people this is where they will decide whether they are sticking with a show or cutting it loose. It also means I've mostly committed to the shows still on my list though I have dropped shows later in the season before. By the … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 3