Trickster Episode 12


At the start of this episode it kind of looked like Kobayashi was actually going to do something and maybe we were going to get closer to the mystery of his bubble power but of course, this is Trickster. Instead he simply walks through the chaos (with the occasional bullet getting within what should be bubble proximity and the bubble not activating). Then Kobayashi mostly just stands while Akechi, Twenty Faces and Hanasaki have a heart to heart before he throws his own hissy fit because now Hanasaki says he wants to die. Finally, Hanasaki jumps and Kobayashi follows. Let’s ignore the fact that Kobayashi caught up to Hanasaki mid-air even though they only fell three stories and focus entirely on the fact that they nearly touched hands before the bubble activated. Only it didn’t slice and dice or blow up Hanasaki and merely bounced him side-ways. Is there going to be any consistency or explanation for the bubble? Seriously, I don’t mind weird powers but they need some sort of explanation and once we know how it works it should work consistently unless we are given a good reason for it not. Obviously Kobayashi’s bubble is changing in response to his involvement with Hanasaki but as we don’t really know how the bubble works in the first place, most of these changes just seem like plot cheats.

As a by-the-way, Twenty Faces remains an incredibly lame villain and Hanasaki is joining my group of most pathetic characters in 2016. His little break down happened way too fast and what did he actually expect would be the end result of all of this?

Trickster is available on Crunchyroll.


5 thoughts on “Trickster Episode 12

  1. Good anime. Bad characters. Simple as that. I like the story but hate the way they portrait the characters. Twenty Faces has no force in his actions and Hanasaki is just a cry baby. Kobayashi is the only sensible one. Akechi is pretty cool too but was lame in this episode.

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  2. This is just, overall, a really bad adaptation of the original Ranpo stories.

    The transition to Anime has been so poor and even the setting that was originally interesting, just seems to be nothing but a backdrop for nice visuals and backgrounds.

    A big disappointment overall, and yeah, Twenty Faces is lame. So lame.

    I honestly feel that Ranpo Kitan handled this adaptation so much better, even though it had a ton of flaws of its own.

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    1. It’s a shame because Kobayashi and his bubble were about the only things I was still kind of interested in with trickster and now I’m thinking even if they tell us what’s going on it won’t really be a decent explanation for the things that bubble has done.

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