Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 36


Seriously, Iok is getting my vote for dumbest character ever and there are some really stupid characters in the Gundam universe. Other than that, this episode picks up exactly where we left off last episode, races through different dialogues with various groups of characters before going straight for a disaster bordering on tragedy. I thought they were going for a full tragedy but they didn’t knock off the Tekkadan member yet so maybe they are waiting for next episode or maybe they feel we’ve wiped out enough Orphans until we get closer to the end. The real issue is that this enemy is a wild card. It doesn’t really fit with any of the pre-existing factions and while the mobile armour falling into any of their hands might be bad, essentially its a man-made force of nature acting on instinct rather than any plan. That makes it difficult to really be all that concerned about and it doesn’t feel like it really fits with everything else Orphans has presented up until now.

Iron Blooded Orphans is available on AnimeLab.


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