Bloodivores Episode 10


Does anyone else have a problem with Mi Liu essentially feeding Lee Shin to a monster just because Lee Shin’s awakening power is an inconvenience to Mi Liu’s most recent half-thought-out ‘plan’? Or was that just me?

As an episode, Bloodivores this week was not great (not that it has ever really been great). Essentially Mi Liu runs away with the explosives from last week while Anji and Yaya run away from Lee Shin. The groups meet up and Mi Liu then has Lee Shin chase him so that the others can run away with the plan of regrouping at the building with the monster that kind of latches on to people and drags them in. Yep, the master plan is to collapse the building and have Yaya  trigger it so that she has ‘killed’ a monster. But Lee Shin is a bit tenacious so Mi Liu lures him in front of the building and has the monster eat him. Only Lee Shin is stronger than Mi Liu anticipated and ends up taking on the monster which will further mess with Mi Liu’s plans.

Okay, in fairness we do spend a bit of time with the investigator in the real world who is now being targeted (go figure that sticking your nose into this business would have people start shooting at you). And did they just crush his partner without anyone actually acknowledging that someone was in the car that just got flattened?

Lots of running and shouting this week as well as further demonstration that for an anime that has a lot of action and running they don’t really know how to animate movement in a way that gives a sense that things are actually moving (this was a problem way back at the car chase in episode 1). Oh, and the writers have continued their vendetta against great jackets by utterly destroying Mi Liu’s this week. There’s only one character of note left who still has a jacket and I’m going to bet it’s next on the agenda to be destroyed.

Bloodivores is available on Crunchyroll.


4 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 10

  1. I also had a problem with Mi Lui feeding Lee Shin too the monster.

    Apparently he’ll go out of his way to save a feral wild girl – that’s been a constant inconvenience – But saving someone that’s been very useful… “Fuck That,” Said Mi Lui.

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