Trickster Episode 6


Trickster is continuing to roll along in unspectacular fashion. This week the agency is officially on break from pretending to detect but that won’t stop Hanasaki from finding ways to stick his nose into other people’s business. Mostly what I took away from this episode is Hanasaki is a genuine idiot. Not the kind that acts like an idiot but actually has something going on inside his head, but just an idiot. Prior to this episode, while I found him annoying, I’d always kind of thought that somewhere he was going to show that he’s actually quite smart, but no. Not happening. He really does just fly from one thing to the next without thinking anything through.

We did see some more of Noro (computer girl) and Kobayashi actually smiled this episode but I don’t think either of those count particularly as major developments.

Trickster is available on Crunchyroll.


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