Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 28


Did we ask for an entire episode of battle? Probably not, but it is mostly what was delivered. Yeah, we had a few minor bits of dialogue between characters, mostly to remind us that relationships exist between them and we had a little bit of information about the current political climate but mostly we had lots of things going boom in space and lots of guys shouting in their cockpits. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that over the course of a series that is already 28 episodes long, but it means this episode is fairly forgettable particularly as the battle remains unresolved at the end. Besides, a strategy that mostly relied on bull your way through and rely on Mikazuki to win the fight is not exactly complex so really all we have are lots of guns and other weapons firing while we wait and see if someone we know the name of is going to bite the dust.

Oh, and in case we weren’t clear who the current villain is, we have a throw-away line about human debris once again. Because who doesn’t hate someone who sends a child into battle to die?

Iron Blooded Orphans is available on AnimeLab.


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