Tuesday’s Top 5 – Characters who wear glasses (male)

Tuesday's Top 5

Last week we looked at the ladies who were rocking glasses so this week we turn to the guys. No self-interest in this but I was really looking forward to writing this list. There’s something about a guy who knows how to wear a pair of glasses…

As always, feel free to add your suggestions or who you would have chosen in the comments below.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Honourable mentions to William (Black Butler), Maiza (Baccano), Yukio Okumura (Ao No Exorcist), and Reisi Munakata (K). Okay, leaving Munakata out of the top 5 hurt a little but I just couldn’t put him above some of the others.

Number 5:  Murasaki from Hamatora

Murasaki is an awesome character and a great partner to Nice in Hamatora. That said, he may have still lost out to Munakata except that this is a list about glasses wearing characters and not only are Murasaki’s frames amazing but he actually uses his glasses to activate his minimum (super power). While Murasaki is doomed to be the sensible decision maker in the pair, he is a solid friend and a naturally hard worker. Certainly one of my favourite characters from the series.

Number 4: Akito Takagi from Bakuman

I feel bad for Akito a lot of the time while watching Bakuman. He is the motivator and the driving force behind the pair initially and yet Mashiro continually sets the pace. Okay, Akito’s decision to become a manga author isn’t exactly the most sincere dream in the world but he commits everything to achieving the goal. Anyway, he looks amazing in those glasses and they make an otherwise generic face actually slightly memorable.

Number 3: Io Otonashi from Acchi Kocchi

Alright, Io is probably a weird choice but he’s fantastic (and arguable the best thing about Acchi Kocchi though that’s a whole other discussion). As the straight man in a group full of nut jobs, Io has it tough. That said, his mad pen spinning skills, his allure to felines, and his general level headedness all make him a great character and the glasses just help make him stand out even more. There was never a doubt that Io was going to end up on this list.

Number 2: Loki from Fairy Tail

Another great character, Loki kind of slips under your radar early in Fairy Tail but his story with Lucy was one of the moments in Fairy Tail that really moved me. On rewatching the start of this anime I paid a lot more attention to Loki and gradually found he was one of my favourite cast members. Yeah, his womanizing habits early on are irritating, but just look at that smile. Anyway, from the glasses point of view, I like that his are a little bit out of the ordinary.

Number 1: Uryu Ishida from Bleach

Second only to Hitsuguya, Ishida is my favourite character in Bleach. I feel really bad every time he get’s sidelined in a battle because he’s actually more interesting that Ichigo and at least he thinks his way through battles. Plus, it’s all about the gaze. The way he looks at his enemies through his glasses with absolute contempt. Okay, Ishida has an issue with arrogance (so does everyone in Bleach), but you must admit that is one intense gaze.

So that’s the list this week. What are your thoughts?


29 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5 – Characters who wear glasses (male)

  1. Your number one’s are always spot on. I can’t argue with Ishida 😉 Though I would like to have seen Black Butler’s Grell haha

    Also, you seem to have put number 2 twice.

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    1. Yeah, we’ve really moved beyond the quiet studious type with glasses (not that they aren’t cool in their own way but they aren’t the only participants in the glasses wearing club these days).

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  2. Hmm….had to think a bit about this one, but I would pick Maximilian Jenius from Macross (or Max Sterling as he was known in the Robotech version). I always liked the fact that he was one of those unassuming characters, and ended up being the best Valkyrie fighter pilot in the galaxy. Moreover he managed to get married to the hottest alien of the galaxy: Millia Fallyna. Seriously what’s not to like lol 😀 Great list by the way 😀

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  3. Nice pick for #1. I always liked Ishida much better than Ichigo too, but Bleach almost rivals Sword Art Online in highlighting the main protagonist’s importance.

    I would have put inspector Ginoza from Psycho Pass, as he used his glasses as a personality defining accessory rather than needing them for his eyesight.

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          1. Ginoza’s glasses was always perched on his nose, giving us the impression that he was looking above them rather than through them. There’s also the matter of one of his relatives saying his eyes are just the same as his when he was younger. Perhaps Ginoza was aware of that and tried to hide this fact with glasses. Either way, glasses suited Ginoza to a T.

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