Days Episode 16


After feeling like I’d hit my limit of this last week I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I complained that Tsukamoto hadn’t really developed and they show us in the game this week that he is finally putting everything together in his own weird way. I was annoyed by the general lack of tension or anything to really keep you interested and so this week we set up a whole series of rivalries both within the team and with the opposition. So after this episode I’m looking forward to the next one again. Whether this is an ongoing change or whether this is just the last hurrah before this show falls into the forgettable realms of mediocrity still remains to be seen. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode this week and now I want to know how the next game goes.

Days is available on Crunchyroll.


5 thoughts on “Days Episode 16

  1. For those that want to know; Tsuku is playing a defensive forward. It’s a pretty new tactic in footy these days. The role of a defensive forward is to allow other players in to attacking whilst being the link up. The episode doesn’t quite makes this clear.

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      1. XDD, yeah modern football has gotten more complex along with their tactics and roles. For example where Usui says “in the hole” he’s referring to a defensive midfield. There are various roles / playstyle of a defensive midfielder. Anchor man (a defensive mid) one crops to mind first.

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