Trickster Episode 3


Confirmed that Hanasaki is a really annoying character. That said, his pep and impulsiveness are kind of needed given the characters around him so it makes him tolerable. It was nice to see Kobayashi start to exhibit some elements of a personality besides wanting to die this episode and the case they worked on (while not actually a mystery that we could get into) was a nice backdrop for getting to know how the group worked a bit better – except that they don’t really seem to be particularly good at their jobs and rely heavily on coincidnece. So now that Kobayashi is staying around and we’ve met all the characters, the question is whether or not the story in this show can finally get moving or is this going to be it? While neither good nor bad at the moment, Trickster feels like it could get better but it could also just kind of drift along and go nowhere. We’ll see what happens.

Trickster is available on Crunchyroll.



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