Trickster Episode 2


I’m still intrigued but I’m also certain this show isn’t getting any better so those who didn’t much find the first episode interesting won’t miss much by giving this a pass. Hanasaki may be the most annoying protagonist that I’m watching this season and the mystery this episode was kind of meh but there’s just enough questions around the unkillable boy that I’m pretty sure until I get some sort of an explanation I’m stuck watching. That said, other than Hanasaki I haven’t remembered a single other character’s name. This is staying on my watch list but I’m pretty certain I’ll regret it later.

Trickster is available on Crunchyroll.


6 thoughts on “Trickster Episode 2

  1. Man i just started watching this anime a few days ago.. i really like the concept. can’t wait to see more. more incline to a deadman wonderland kinda thing but way way wayyyy better!!


    1. I’m also unsure what the show is actually going to be about because there’s about five different ways it could go at this point and it will probably not follow any of them.


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