Nanbaka Episode 2


This is pretty much my last review for this one. Yep, I’m dropping it. And not because it isn’t good because for a comedy about a bunch of teenagers who like to escape from prison, it’s actually not bad. Visually it is vibrant and interesting to look at. Most jokes (though obvious) land their timing (though in one case when even a character replied ‘might as well’ when another asked if they should continue you have to wonder if the writers knew they were running one particular joke into the ground). All and all the issue is that I’m just not interested. A pro/con list would have more pros than cons and I would still decide that I just don’t care what happens next.

Part of this is I am not a comedy fan so the jokes, while passable, are not exactly a draw for me. The characters themselves, while zany and energetic, are all tied to their particular joke so while they may end up having surprising depth, at the moment they just aren’t that interesting to me because I’ve seen the joke and having it replayed over and over isn’t going to make it any funnier. Oh, he reacts badly to chemicals. Great, he’s actually a foody. Wow, the warden is actually in love. Right, so moving on. I’m actually pretty sure that I’ll go back and marathon this one day because it seems like it would be a great way to waste an afternoon, but week to week I’m not adding it to my final list.

Nanbaka is available on Crunchyroll.


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