To Be Hero Episode 1


A short (11 minute) comedy about a toilet seat designer who gains super powers but has his appearance drastically altered.


11 minutes shouldn’t feel that long, should it? And yet, as I watched this show, I just kept thinking how every joke and every punchline was both incredibly obvious, and had been used in so many other anime (usually put to better purpose), and how they are using frantic pace to make the very average dialogue seem in some way quirky or interesting. As you may have guessed I didn’t much like this. That isn’t saying much though. I’m not really into comedy and self-aware comedy focussed on super-heroes is becoming one of my least favourite things to endure so obviously I was never the intended audience for this show. Still, even if I was into comedy, I just feel that this all just felt a bit lazy.

Overall opinion – probably dropped.

To Be Hero is available on Crunchyroll.


4 thoughts on “To Be Hero Episode 1

  1. Reading the plot, such as it is, was enough to put me off. It strikes me as trying to fill some of the void left with the end of One Punch Man and its own peculiar brand of weird. While OPM had a kind of mad finesse to it, this just seems crass. But then I haven’t seen it, though I can’t say I’m particularly enthused to.

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