Bloodivores Episode 1


Seems we are once again taking the medicine mutated a virus and now we have vampires route.


Okay, I kind of suspect that this show is going to go all kinds of wrong fairly quickly but I quite enjoyed this first episode. Alright, that’s a slight exaggeration. Up until the 16 minute mark I was kind of ho-hum about it and then things kind of took a more serious turn which then gave us a series of intriguing little bits of information which may or may not develop into anything of significance but certainly lay the foundation for something that could be interesting. I’m putting this tentatively on my watch list at least for a couple more episodes.

Probably the opening sequence is the worst part. They want us to believe we are in a high speed chase but other than seeing the speedometer going up the cars don’t actually give us any sense of speed or movement which kind of just leaves you feeling really blah about what could have been an exciting chase scene. Then of course we have the obligatory flashback to how we got to the chase sequence. Fortunately, after they get arrested, things get more interesting.

Bloodivores is available on Crunchyroll.


15 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 1

  1. I was doing a Skype session with somebody, and we just so happened to watch this one. We both couldn’t help mocking how dead the city felt. Barely any cars or pedestrian’s.

    Not to mention the sub-par animation. You could tell this is pretty low-budget. Even for Anime standards.

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    1. I hadn’t even thought about the lack of humans in the city. Although, possibly they could justify that it was a slow day due to the whole protest thing happening elsewhere but even that doesn’t really work.

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  2. This is one I actually watched. I was not thrilled. The show’s opening episode was very sloppy with its presentation. Bloodivores haphazardly threw plot points and ideas at the viewer hoping to find something that might stick. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that anything “interesting” really happened but we’ll get back to that.

    I also agree that the opening scene was not good. I don’t mind CG in anime that much but the cars kind of just “hovered” down the road. Nothing had a sense of weight or “realness” to it. Let’s take a look at that ending though.

    Immediately I had Deadman Wonderland flashbacks. Conceptually, the mystery the series presents the viewer with is interesting but it could not escape the vibes it was giving off. Finally, the closing scene was more than a little forced. After riddling the van with bullets, a single guy feels the need to take his pistol for a parting shot. It was cliché and bought back any good will the series may have fostered previously.

    At the end of the day, this one probably will end up a mess but I would love to eat my words on it.

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  3. I’d originally passed this one over, as the description (limited though it is) and visuals didn’t excite me all that much. And, like you, I suspect it will devolve into the sort of show I can’t stand. Still, I think I’ll give that first episode a whirl at least.

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  4. I too am unsure about this…I had no idea they were in a highspeed car chase at the beginning. There was no sense of urgency. However, I’m curious about the dynamic between the son and the Dad. Did the Dad help him escape by faking his son’s death? hmm. I was also looking for the explanation of the whole medical thing considering the synopsis mentioned insomnia…unless i missed it?

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