91 Days Episode 12


Now the weakest part of this series so far was the diversion from the whole revenge thing to go on a road trip. So, for a final, how about we get a taste of the war going on and then send our main characters on an echoing road trip again only this time it will be really depressing? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? While I appreciate that all the way through, 91 Days has attempted to ensure it was building consistent metaphors and themes, being reminded of my least favourite moments from the mid-season and the general feeling of failure and pointlessness that permeated this episode really just made it a little bit flat.

I’ll admit, this anime is going to be hard to review because it is a good anime but I have not enjoyed it very much.

91 Days is available on Crunchyroll.


6 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 12

  1. I know the ‘road trip’ segment of the show wasn’t popular with a lot of people and they felt the show lost focus for a time (though I enjoyed it enough). I feel like the way in which the show ended really gave a new level of validation to that short aside as it both parallels it in a general sense and accentuates the differences between then and now.

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    1. If you like mafia stories or revenge stories you will probably enjoy it so you should check it out. For me, I think I’d have preferred this series at half the length with a much tighter story.


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