Hitorinoshita Episode 10


Just when you think this show might level itself and get on with a story not riddled with idiocy and clichés out comes the ‘you know nothing’, followed by ‘it’s probably time to tell you’, immediately followed by ‘we don’t know’. It’s so frustrating. And then we listen to people alluding to the fact that they know, that so-and-so doesn’t know, that this happened, that this might be the case and the end result is that only two things of note happen this episode. We learn that Houhou looks the same now as she did 12 years ago and possibly is not human. And, we learn that Houhou is the one who killed Soran’s grandfather (although they may change their mind on that one later given we haven’t actually seen her killing him and only that she is in his memories and that she’s now confessed).

Hitorinoshita is available on Crunchryroll.


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