Hitorinoshita Episode 9


Soran’s rescue by Houhou continues but doesn’t. She fights the guy from last week in a protracted ‘but I have this trick’ kind of fight and finally she takes off those ridiculous shoes. Kind of glad she weaponises them in the end because otherwise what was the point of wobbling this far. Soran on the other hand wins his bet, says something vaguely intelligent before returning to his stupid form and getting punched through the floor, and landing right in front of Houhou. Anyway, that would more or less wrap things up but instead we have to pretend we care about Houhou enough that her actually listening to Soran and not moving and then getting multiple stab wounds is something that is going to be dramatic enough that we’ll look forward to next week. Incidentally, I’m just kind of miffed that weapon master guy isn’t a better shot.

Hitorinoshita is available on Crunchyroll.


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