Taboo Tattoo Episode 9


Whole episode recalling BB’s past exploits. I can’t say this was a bad turn of events because at least the story presented this episode made sense and BB is a far more compelling character than Seigi, however this means that the actual plot has ground to a complete and total halt. Though given the last turn of events which was to throw the plot away and just fling characters at one another while arbitrarily killing off characters nobody cared about, perhaps the plot needed a little time out to figure out just what it actually wanted to do. So underneath all of the sarcasm, episode 9 is actually half decent. It isn’t amazing by any stretch of the imagination, and it doesn’t make up for the last 4 – 6 episodes of increasingly poor storytelling, but judged on it’s own merit, this episode is not bad.

Taboo Tattoo is available on Crunchyroll.


9 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo Episode 9

  1. I honestly found this the best episode in the whole series. Plus, could just be me but out of all the characters introduced, I was more interested in the lover boy mentioned in this one. I’d say his story would be much more interesting to go through than BB’s (he lost my care when I found out he was with Izzy <.< whoops).

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