Servamp Revisited

So I originally made it through an episode and a half. Rather than try to pick it up mid-episode I read a synopsis of episode 2 and hit episode 3.


Yeah-no. As cool as the whole vampire setting is, and clearing out a restaurant by dropping a body on the floor, and even some of the visuals, I absolutely cannot stand the main character. He is the type of protagonist I find the absolute most annoying. He brims with confidence and ideals and forces his viewpoints onto others but has no personality other than reject the views of others and to push those around him to feel the same (maybe there is more to his personality for those who are actually watching the show but that’s all that I got out of it). No matter how great the story and setting may be in this show (or how cute the vampire who turns into a cat might be), nothing is going to make me enjoy an episode with this protagonist blowing any kind of atmosphere out of the water. This show can remain dropped.

Servamp is available on AnimeLab and from what I have watched it is actually a perfectly reasonable show provided you don’t spend every episode wanting the protagonist to die.


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