Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 4


Just so we are clear, I haven’t played the game and don’t know where this story is going. I’m reviewing only the anime.

It’s nice that Alisha finally got to say hi to Mikleo (even if she still couldn’t see him). Can I make fun of the fact that the Shepherd outfit has feathers on it, much like Sorey was already wearing, and Alisha says she feels he was meant to become the Shepherd? Sorry, that was kind of bothering me that his accessories perfectly match his new outfit. That aside, this episode kind of clarified what the Shepherd is supposed to do and the fact that Alisha is politically up the creek. Then our favourite dark cloud from the prologue showed up and the episode ended. I really feel this series would be better in a continuous stream as having to wait a week just when it feels like the episode has gotten started is not pleasant. That said, this is a fairly enjoyable fantasy so far.

Tales of Zestiria the X is available on AnimeLab.


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