Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 8

Review: And then we got another dragon fight? Okay, we introduced some new characters and realised that Sorey is completely idealistic and they set up some new dark thing for our characters to confront next week but mostly this episode has us watching a dragon fly around and various characters discussing whether it should (or … Continue reading Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 8


Days Episode 9

Review: The final game is on and we finally get to see some of the better players actually playing well. That said, that's about all we get other than a few flashbacks and a heartfelt message that was kind of obvious from the get go. There's also some good rivalry between the teams. It isn't … Continue reading Days Episode 9

Orange Episode 9

Review: While this episode is an improvement on last week the show is very much stretching things out as far as they can go. Kakeru and Naho still aren't 'dating', just walking home together, giving each other significant looks and becoming unreasonably jealous when other people interact with the other. Naho's friends are completely 'supporting' … Continue reading Orange Episode 9

Top 5 Tuesday: Nice Guys/Girls in Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

I know it's weird but this is probably the hardest list I've tried to write so far. I was thinking how easy it would be to come up with the top 5 nice characters but then I started thinking what about... and the list just never ended. Finally I've whittled it down to my 5 … Continue reading Top 5 Tuesday: Nice Guys/Girls in Anime

Momokuri Episodes 17 + 18

Review: Dating clich├ęs continue with a visit to the amusement park. That said, this was a particularly cute episode. I love how the characters are all becoming slightly more aware of each other and themselves so it doesn't feel like we are just treading over the same ground all the time. They may be slow … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 17 + 18

Food Wars Season 2 Episode 9

Review: Back we go to the kitchen only now the roof opens and we can see the moon. So different. And there are three people cooking. Completely different from every other match. Except that it isn't. The show fails to raise the stakes or the tension in this finals match. More importantly, all three characters … Continue reading Food Wars Season 2 Episode 9

91 Days Episode 7.5

Review: You know, Cheer Boys did the whole recap thing awhile back and I expressed my dislike of recap episodes that add nothing new then. At least when it did it, they added some narration and they were following a high point in the series. 91 Days follows the killing of Frate (which might have … Continue reading 91 Days Episode 7.5