Cheer Boys Episode 4

Review: There's something to be said about a show that just goes about it's business quietly. Cheer Boys has a likeable cast of boys slowly learning the ropes of cheerleading. Some of them have personal baggage, they don't always get along, and they sometimes don't succeed. Otherwise, it's just your usual never give up and … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 4


Taboo Tattoo Episode 4

Review: This is the show that just keeps becoming more and more generic and flat. While initially it was interesting enough, if not particularly original, it doesn't seem to know what to do with any of the characters or ideas other than throw them at one another so that they can have various conflicts. They … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 4

Twin Star Exorcists Episodes 13 – 15

So, I dropped this. Really, I did. And then I was looking for a distraction to avoid doing work and thought I'd just check out one more episode and ended up watching all three of the episodes that I hadn't seen. I don't know if it got better or if taking a break was what … Continue reading Twin Star Exorcists Episodes 13 – 15

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Episode 4

Review: And I'm done here as well. I really didn't think this show had a second season in it and when the giant ball of hair monster caused the building to sprout hair I knew it was over. The thing is, Cute High was a parody of magical girls but once you've got the joke … Continue reading Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Episode 4

Summer 2016 Week 4

It's the end of week 4. This is kind of a tipping point because usually I won't drop a show if I've gotten this far into it (that isn't to say I won't drop a show after this, but the likelihood is that I'll just keep watching it and wondering why I didn't drop it). … Continue reading Summer 2016 Week 4

Black Cat Series Review

Overview: Train Heartnet is an assassin for Chronos. More importantly, he's one of the numbers, meaning just mentioning the Black Cat kind of scares all sorts of people silly. However, his latest mission leads him to meet Saya and through meeting her he is changed. Soon Train joins up with Sven, a reasonably down on … Continue reading Black Cat Series Review

Sweetness and Lightning Episode 4

Review: So this show has been so adorably sweet and cute and I seriously just cannot take anymore right now. Last week an episode about apologising over a kids fight and this week a quest to feed a kid vegetables. riveting stuff, really. I'm going to wrap this up because I won't be continuing with … Continue reading Sweetness and Lightning Episode 4

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi Episode 4

Review: And dropped. Maybe once this whole thing is done and you watched the whole thing, it wouldn't feel as tedious and pointless (it probably will) but this show isn't particularly funny and it doesn't really give you any insight into the character so there really isn't anything left to watch this show for. While … Continue reading The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi Episode 4

Friday’s Feature – On Magical Girls (3/3)

Let's wrap up this mini-series of posts (though I am definitely going to revisit the subject matter at some point because really nowhere near enough has been said). This week I want to look at exceptions within the magical girl genre and discuss the lack of an equivalent magical boy genre. While there are a … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – On Magical Girls (3/3)

Orange Episode 4

Review: I just have to say it: Naho is an idiot. Other than that, I'm actually still really enjoying this show. It's slow but the characters are refreshing and while it's just one bit of teen drama after another (with a darker future for one of the teens thrown in our face at least once … Continue reading Orange Episode 4