Kiznaiver Series Review

Overview: Katsuhira can't feel pain and doesn't know why. This apparently makes him the target of bullies and an obsessive child-hood friend. However, Katsuhira and six of his classmates are used in an experiment to join their pain and begin a journey of emotional self-discovery. I did review this week to week so if you … Continue reading Kiznaiver Series Review


Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Episode 5

Review: I really enjoyed this episode. I found the longer sequence and set-up more satisfying and revisiting the second year thugs worked quite well. Hayabusa is seriously cool looking though and visually Hayabusa vs Sakamoto just worked. Plus, the scene where Sakamoto takes his glasses off was fantastic. Okay, fan girl moment over. The story … Continue reading Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Episode 5

Ace Attorney Episode 1

I kind of went back this week and checked out some of the anime that I didn't watch during Spring. I started with Ace Attorney. Overview: Court room drama with maybe some comedy thrown in? Review: Going into this, I knew that I wasn't really into the idea of this anime. I haven't played the … Continue reading Ace Attorney Episode 1

Shonen Maid Episode 11

Review: It's getting hard to review this because just saying it is sweet over and over is a little repetitive. So, it is still sweet, but I'm going to offer some criticism this time. Episode 10 brought a real sense of impending drama with the 'revelation' of Chihiro's grandmother (though it was really doubtful anyone … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 11

My Hero Academia Episode 13

Review: This episode brings the fight to a conclusion and allows the main villains that we've met to escape to plot their return in season 2. What it doesn't do is give any of the students a real purpose for being there other than the occasional throw away comment and being the general awe-struck audience. … Continue reading My Hero Academia Episode 13

Tokyo Ghoul AMV Tribute

Awhile ago I posted a tribute to D Gray Man and some of the excellent AMV's out there. This time I went searching for some amazing AMV's from Tokyo Ghoul and was overwhelmed by the sheer number out there. Here are some of my favourites: Tokyo Ghoul - Centuries: Posted by taintedgundam Why should you … Continue reading Tokyo Ghoul AMV Tribute