Kiznaiver Series Review


Katsuhira can’t feel pain and doesn’t know why. This apparently makes him the target of bullies and an obsessive child-hood friend. However, Katsuhira and six of his classmates are used in an experiment to join their pain and begin a journey of emotional self-discovery.

I did review this week to week so if you want to know thoughts on individual episodes, click here.


I’m going to admit, there are moments of Kiznaiver that are amazing. There are some superb emotional moments for the characters where the audience¬† really feels for the character and everything just hits that absolutely perfect note where you are blown away by the power of that moment in the story.

These are framed by utter and complete moments of rubbish.

The first two episodes of this series introduces most of the cast. Another group member is introduced late seemingly because the writers couldn’t think of anything else exciting for their plot twist of the week other than sending the characters on a scavenger hunt for a missing member. While some people quite like these characters, I find the majority of them too stupid for words and generally don’t care enough about them to be caught up in whatever personal drama they are currently experiencing.

That said, it shows the strength of Kiznaiver when it gets it right that it managed to bring me back into the story and the characters for those moments when it really mattered. The two episodes that focus on Honoka and Yuta remain my favourites of this series.

I’m going to just break the rest of my points into the positives and negatives of this series.


  • It’s beautiful.
  • At times the emotional payoff is worth the effort.
  • The sound track is fantastic.


  • The science and the nature of the experiment are complete gibberish for the sake of a plot device. There is no way this experiment would be run (and if it was it wouldn’t be left in the hands of a damaged test subject).
  • The revelation that we can just make friends and connect that way really makes you wonder who was confused about this point. It seems like a revelation to the characters and that just makes me think they were even dumber than they looked.
  • The entire final episode.

I know some people have really loved this series and it actually does work as a story and a character piece. However, it didn’t really click with me so even though I’ll acknowledge there are some good moments in this show, that final episode has firmly placed this in the list of anime that I have watched but will now move on from.

What are your thoughts on Kiznaiver?


Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Episode 5


I really enjoyed this episode. I found the longer sequence and set-up more satisfying and revisiting the second year thugs worked quite well. Hayabusa is seriously cool looking though and visually Hayabusa vs Sakamoto just worked. Plus, the scene where Sakamoto takes his glasses off was fantastic. Okay, fan girl moment over. The story was much the same as always. Sakamoto is amazing. This annoys others. They try to bring him down a peg and fail. There was some collateral damage this week but I’m pretty sure he’ll get over it eventually.

Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto is available on Hanabee.

Ace Attorney Episode 1

I kind of went back this week and checked out some of the anime that I didn’t watch during Spring. I started with Ace Attorney.


Court room drama with maybe some comedy thrown in?


Going into this, I knew that I wasn’t really into the idea of this anime. I haven’t played the games and to be honest, courtroom melodrama has never been a favourite of mine. Throw in the clunky looking characters, incredibly stilted dialogue that feels like they are trying to thread dialogue options in a game together, and the way over the top character reactions to everything and one episode was definitely enough of this. Not going to catch the rest of this series.

Words of Wisdom


Shonen Maid Episode 11


It’s getting hard to review this because just saying it is sweet over and over is a little repetitive. So, it is still sweet, but I’m going to offer some criticism this time. Episode 10 brought a real sense of impending drama with the ‘revelation’ of Chihiro’s grandmother (though it was really doubtful anyone didn’t know that given they weren’t really hiding the fact). And yet this week offers little except a little case of the mopes for both Chihiro and Madoka. While I get that the general theme of this show is up-beat (even the dead mother’s advice to Chihiro was that he’d be fine), occasionally allowing characters to actually experience sadness, anger or depression would be a nice change of pace. Still, hard to argue with flower viewing, friends and good food for cheering yourself up.

Shonen Maid is available on AnimeLab.

My Hero Academia Episode 13


This episode brings the fight to a conclusion and allows the main villains that we’ve met to escape to plot their return in season 2. What it doesn’t do is give any of the students a real purpose for being there other than the occasional throw away comment and being the general awe-struck audience. Admittedly, doing anything more with the students would have made this episode a cluttered mess but bringing in all the hero teachers (most of whom we haven’t seen before) to mop up at the end just kind of made the students feel like a side-show when they’re the ones we’ve been following for over half the season.

I enjoyed this, but I went in expecting no resolution given all the announcements about a season 2. I’ll do a full season review later.

My Hero Academia is available on AnimeLab.

Tokyo Ghoul AMV Tribute

Awhile ago I posted a tribute to D Gray Man and some of the excellent AMV’s out there. This time I went searching for some amazing AMV’s from Tokyo Ghoul and was overwhelmed by the sheer number out there. Here are some of my favourites:

Tokyo Ghoul – Centuries: Posted by taintedgundam

Why should you watch it? Because the sync between the visuals and the lyrics is amazing and the song just works for the themes of Tokyo Ghoul. It isn’t excessively gory (for Tokyo Ghoul) but does show some of the more dramatic moments from season 1. Well worth a watch.

Tokyo Ghoul – Break the World: Posted by HeavensLuke

Why should you watch it? This was is gory but really feels like it connects with Kaneki’s character at the end of the first season. The lyrics are really appropriate and the match up with the visuals is quite well done.

Tokyo Ghoul – Already Over: Posted by GSSJ70

Why should you watch it? There is far more focus on the sadness of the show rather than the violence and gore (though there is that as well). It really makes you feel for the characters through a great selection of visuals matched to the much more reflective song than most of the AMV’s I found for this anime.

Tokyo Ghoul – Just a Dream: Posted by Ayaka Uchiha

Why should you watch it? Touka and Kaneki. I had to include one AMV featuring these two and I like that this one is a little more tragic than hopeful of their relationship.

Tokyo Ghoul – Destroy the Obvious: Posted by Lunar Gade

Why should you watch it? Awesome song and a great selection of scenes from the anime. Works really well, but mostly I just loved the song.

Have you got a favourite Tokyo Ghoul AMV? Share it below.