Kiznaiver Episode 7


We continue to learn about Honaka this week and the story continues to be much stronger than the random mission episodes earlier in the series. These last two episodes have actually made me feel something for the characters beyond idle curiosity and I hope that the show continues to build on this emotional strength. We also got a two for one cliché moment with fireworks on the beach and then a random swimming scene where my major question was why didn’t any of them take their shoes off. Most surprising of all, both Nico and Tenga actually make some sense in this episode and feel more real because of it, rather than feeling like the comic relief characters.

Kiznaiver is available on Crunchyroll.

As a side note, on weekends, when I have a bit more time, I’m updating twitter while watching new episodes. If you happen to live in a similar time zone you can always check out my twitter feed. During the week, it really only gets used to announce when a new blog post is up.


One thought on “Kiznaiver Episode 7

  1. That scene of Yuta running into the water pretty much encapsulates what I love about the show. Trigger’s visual style mixed with a realistic lens on teenage melodrama.


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