Rin-ne Episode 29


Rokudo Rinne is a half shinigami, half human with a dead beat father and a somewhat strict, somewhat helpful grandmother (who does not like to have her age referred to) who goes to a human school while working to help souls pass on. Mamiya Sakura is a girl at school who can see spirits (due to absentmindedness by Rokudo’s grandmother). The two of them get involved in a number of situations in both the human and spirit worlds joined by an ever growing cast of bizarre characters.


Episode 29 offers nothing new for fans of the show. A spirit is hanging around and causing trouble (by looking exactly like a girl from school except for her hair and outfit and mannerisms) and the girl is being shunned. In attempting to help the spirit pass on we need to delve into the history of the family and use a few cheap shinigami tools and have a few laughs at poor Rinne eating grass. Honestly nothing new at all but if you are enjoying the formula this episode won’t disappoint.

Rin-ne is available on Crunchyroll.


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