Assassination Classroom Episode 42

Review: After the momentum of the previous episodes this one shifts gears and stuffs around with Valentine's day chocolates and looking to the future. This episode is full of small vignettes between characters and it reveals little new information but consolidates relationships and developments that we've been aware of for awhile. The few half-hearted attempts … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 42


Words of Wisdom – May Recap

One month of blogging and I've really enjoyed the experience so far. To mark the end of the month I just wanted to reshare some of my favourite quotes that I posted throughout May. Thanks to everyone who has visited 100WordAnime during my first month.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35

Review: They Sailor Scouts have begun their assault to retrieve the silver crystal and Chibi-Usa's soul which was somehow taken with it (even though they won't explain how or why that occurred). And of course Mamoru is left holding Chibi-Usa's hand (he's acting as her life support), leaving him out of the main battle except … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35

Ghost Hunt Episodes 1 -3

I've recently been rewatching Ghost Hunt and so I'm going to review each of the stories separately. It's one of those rare anime that I've never actually watched the original soundtrack for and have only ever listened to the English dub. The premise of this anime is that Mai, a 'normal' school girl who likes … Continue reading Ghost Hunt Episodes 1 -3

My Hero Academia Episode 6

Review: The first test is over but a new challenge begins almost immediately for Midoriya. It's nice that he still has to learn to grow into his power and that he hasn't just been given a short-cut to awesome. His mother also gets her chance to shine in this episode as we see her apologise … Continue reading My Hero Academia Episode 6

The Asterisk War Episode 21

Review: How do you make a grand-final match kind of dull? Just deliver more of exactly the same. A sword transformation aside this last fight was pretty ordinary and 'injuring' Julis so she couldn't take part in the final exchange was just kind of lame. Not to mention, police investigation or not, in a team … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 21