2016 Reflection

Okay, with the Winter, Spring and Summer anime seasons more or less done and dusted, I felt it was a good time to look at my favourite anime for the year. I’ll do my final best of 2016 list after the Autumn season concludes.

I’m going to point out that Sailor Moon Crystal and D Gray Man Hallow have both been left off the list. Not because they aren’t awesome (D Gray Man would have had the top spot), but because I’m well aware that I am blatantly biased toward these anime. Regardless of what else happens, D Gray Man is my number 1 for 2016. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s the official list for the year so far.

A few rules. The season needed to end in 2016. I needed to have watched the whole series or at least as much as has been so far released (so there are plenty of other anime good and bad that aren’t on either of my lists here – though that said some are clearly going to continue). Judgement is made entirely on entertainment and pleasure watching (no technical scores for being beautifully animated and the like). As such, the list is entirely my opinion. Please feel free to tell me your favourite in the comments.

Starting from the best.

  1. Assassination Classroom 2nd Season
  2. Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2
  3. My Hero Academia
  4. Alderamin on the Sky
  5. Erased
  6. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
  7. Days
  8. Tales of Zestiria the X
  9. Bungou Stray Dogs
  10. ReLife

But if we’re going to look at the best, we also need to look at the worst. Remember, I’m only listing anime I’ve actually watched all the way through. There are a number I would have loved on this list (First Love Monster springs to mind) but I haven’t watched it through so am not going to pass judgement on it. Please feel free to tell me which anime you think is the worst in the comments.

Starting from the worst.

  1. Taboo Tattoo
  2. Big Order
  3. Lost Village
  4. Hitorinoshita
  5. Divine Gate
  6. Dimension W
  7. Norn 9
  8. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle
  9. Luck & Logic
  10. Joker Game

Yeah, I know Joker Game doesn’t deserve to be in a worst of list, but at the moment, it’s in top ten of anime I finished watching but didn’t get all that much enjoyment out of. Pretty sure there will be something in the Autumn season that will take it out of the list for the year.

And yes, Taboo Tattoo I officially found worse than Big Order. After weighing them both up I just had to put Taboo Tattoo as the worst thing I have finished watching so far this year.

One more season to go and then I’ll have my official best of list for the year. It will be interesting to see if Days is still on the best list after continuing on and whether anything can top Assassination Classroom’s emotional ending.

Looking forward to more anime. What’s your best so far for 2016 and what’s your worst?


13 thoughts on “2016 Reflection

  1. I like your Natsu image! 🙂 Are you a fairy tail fan?

    Hmm, best for 2016….I don’t have a top 10 absolute best so far..but there’s a few I haven’t seen that are supposed to be the best per season (i.e. Re:Zero) I would have to say (in no particular order)…I agree with Erased and My Hero Academia and Bungou Stray Dogs and ReLife.. The others on my list are : Shouwa Genroku Rakuogo Shinjuu, Mob Psycho 100.

    My only gripe with erased was how the story completely veered away from it’s manga counterpart. I felt like there was more of a resolution in the manga.

    Orange was close. But Orange only managed to pull out the heaviest emotions from me towards the last 2 episodes. For the most part I was just rooting for Suwa. The rest on my Completed list on MAL is more like okay i found them entertaining but not the absolute best.

    1. I like Fairy Tail but I haven’t watched much beyond the first thirty or so episodes. It’s on my forever increasing go back and watch properly list.

      1. Ohh, well since it’s on a break, there’s plenty of time LOL jk. – I did some research and there are a lot of filler arc’s which makes sense since I felt like some arcs felt ..forced? or didn’t blend well. I still enjoy fairy tail though.

        Also,side note, I started Bleach per your recommendation. I’m really enjoying it! I’m starting to wonder why I didn’t pick it up sooner. Thanks again!

  2. The best things for me this year so far have been Kiznaiver and Tanaka-Kun, mostly because I find each of the shows characters to be extremely relatable to myself and my own life experiences.

    I suspect that the new WIXOSS season will be my favourite of this upcoming season.

    Excellent list overall, although I personally found Mayoiga a lot more enjoyable than most.

  3. Lost Village was soooooooooooooooooo disappointing. Such an interesting premise squandered.

    My Hero Academia turned out to be the most surprising for me this year. Great stuff.

  4. I’m also a Sailor Moon Crystal fan. I’ve also really liked Assassination Classroom and Danganronpa 3. For worst I pick Re Zero because the “ending” was very disappointing. Everything good about the story was ignored and used as background to the relationship between Subaru and Emilia. I don’t watch a lot of current anime. I tend to be about a year behind.

    1. I used to do that, wouldn’t touch shows until they were wrapped. I don’t know when I switched but I really am enjoying keeping up with what is out even as I revisit older anime from time to time.

    1. Probably from a technical point of view. In terms of enjoyment though, Big Order actually made me laugh at its ludicrousness occasionally. Taboo Tattoo just bored me to tears even as it fell apart.

  5. I really like Love Live! Sunshine!! Ao No Kanata Four Rhythm was a close second.

    As for the worst, I think that would have to go to Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, followed by Kiznaiver.

    I’m going by your criteria by only including shows I actually finished, however.

    Thanks for sharing! I hope tons of people see your list in order to avoid the duds and check out the…studs?

    1. Undefeated was pretty bad. Kiznaiver was more meh then bad for me but that’s probably because I finished watching worse shows. Thanks for your comment.

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