200 Word Anime: Black Clover Episode 7


Weekend Otaku and I share our thoughts of Black Clover. This week we see Asta settling in as Black Bull and a two second glimpse of Yuno.  If you haven’t been following along you can check out our previous posts here.


Karandi’s Review:

It is very hard to defend a show, even a potentially long running one, when you get seven episodes in and you still feel like you are stuck in the introduction. For all the character development and world building we’ve so far gotten in this story, we could have fit most of the things that were necessary into about two episodes. Endless repetition doesn’t make for a deeper or meaningful experience nor does dragging things out for the sake of showing every step in a journey when not every step is particularly interesting or note worthy.

This week’s example is the tour of the Black Bull’s castle. While we kind of learn a tiny bit more about Magna, this is basically a series of fairly weak punch lines as we get shown around a castle that apparently changes anyway. Prior to this we had the short clip of the church receiving Asta and Yuno’s letters, but do the reactions of those waiting back in the church mean anything to the greater narrative?

Finally the story gets to introducing the other new recruit to the Black Bulls and she’s as stereotypical as every other character we’ve met so far. Rich and snobby but with a massive chip on her shoulder which they try really hard to make us feel sorry for her and realise she isn’t such a bad person by the end. In a show with better writing and characterisation this trope can work just fine but here, like most everything else, it is serviceable at best and enough to string us along because of the possibilities of future improvements. And that’s really all this show has going for it. Currently untapped potential.

Though, in case it isn’t obvious, I’m really tired this week so my tolerance of mediocrity is a little lower than normal.


Weekend Otaku’s Review:

Karandi hit the nail on the head in pointing out the pacing problems this show has. The most glaring indication of this is in how dragged out the most insignificant scenes are. Introducing Asta to the Squad’s castle, several minutes of disbelief over his letter back home, and another useless sequence with Yuno are just the latest set of a long list of scenes that could have been heavily shortened or even omitted. The titular “other recruite” actually makes her appearance quite late because of this, but given how quickly the main conflict of the episode is resolved maybe that was for the best.

Noelle’s story is decent on paper. Where Asta’s desire to prove himself against all odds is standard shounen fodder, the theme of the disgraced upper cruster (think Neji from Naruto) can often provide an interesting foil. The overly straightforward narrative style of Black Clover, however, leads it along predictable lines. It’s kind of fitting to think that Yami took her in based on her sheet power, but her backstory and characterisation lack gravity because of the show’s simplistic handling. She’s just another element that may get interesting eventually, but for now is little more than a generic piece.

More than half the season in and there isn’t yet a compelling thread to follow. If studio Pierrot is intentionally going at a snail’s pace to milk this story for all its worth, doing it like this risks losing any semblance of interest from the portion of the audience that wasn’t drawn to it by the manga.

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9 thoughts on “200 Word Anime: Black Clover Episode 7

  1. myself and a few other bloggers had a ran… discussion… about this show just a few days ago. there’s so much wrong with it, it’s unbelievable. i mean, the show is covering LESS THAN 1 CHAPTER OF MANGA EVERY EPISODE! and it’s not like they are lacking for content, either.

    also, Asta’s voice has now officially begun haunting my nightmares.

    1. So many people keep justifying it by saying it suits Asta’s personality, or give the VA a break becaue they are relatively new. Neither of those points makes it less painful to listen to.

      1. the poor guy, he’s just doing his job. I don’t blame him at all. I blame the directors and the studio, 100%. even putting his voice aside, the amount of filler they have shoved into the first few episodes is just atrocious and unacceptable.

  2. Well, I just saw the episode myself, and I’m exactly on the same page (erm, pun intended I guess), as you guys are. It’s just dragging on too long. I’m not one that drops shows, no matter how bad they get, but I have to say that this series really is beginning to become a test for my patience. But I will suffer through it anyway 😊 Your right about Noelle being a very stereotypical character. It’s like you have met her in pretty much every other animeseries. Oh well…maybe next week, with the first real mission, things will finally get into gear? 😀

    1. I know, but we said that when the left the village to go to the exam. And then when the exam ended. And now we’re saying it about the first mission. I wonder how many times we’ll think the story is going to get going before we realise this is what it is?
      It is tolerable and I’ve certainly watched worse, but seeing this display of wasted potential continue to wallow in mediocrity is beginning to hurt.

      1. Haha, actually I was being a little bit sarcastic with that comment. I don’t really think it will improve either. I’m secretly hoping it will, but with so many chances this series has now had, I don’t believe it will. As you say it is actually a real shame as somewhere in there, there is an anime that really has some potential 😊

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