200 Word Anime: Black Clover Episode 12


This week we see the conclusion of Asta’s shopping trip and we finally find out what Yuno is up to. Weekend Otaku and I share our thoughts on episode 12. Check out our previous posts if you have missed them.


Karandi’s Review:

I actually didn’t mind this episode. Okay, it wasn’t a brilliant episode and it hasn’t changed my opinion of Black Clover overall, but it was kind of okay to watch. 

Asta chases down the purse-snatcher and we see the arrogant Praying Mantis guy get what he deserves before a kind of interesting reveal occurs. Then we transition (almost easily) over to Yuno’s current mission which ends up leading us back to Hage village. 

Nothing particularly exceptional and yet it felt like there was movement in the story and that there was some purpose to what was going on. Also, the minimal use of what Black Clover classes as humour certainly helped this episode out.

I’m fairly convinced that Yuno’s mission is going to end badly otherwise I don’t see the point in this interlude, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. However, the promise of less Asta is kind of nice.


Weekend Otaku’s Review:

Neither I nor Karandi (nor the rest of the anime community, really) have had any lack of criticism against this show. That’s why, like with episode 10, it’s nice when I can find something to enjoy about it. There isn’t a lot this show has offered over the course of twelve episodes, but it has some charming moments every now and again.

In particular I’m talking about the entire sequence with Sekke. From him calling Asta to a “bah-hastard” last week to his comical apparent last words before his mortified realization that he’s not dying, Black Clover utilizes an otherwise potentially annoying character for some decent comedy that worked a lot better for me than the forced situations this show most often goes for.

Aside from the comedy, it was nice to see Yuno getting a chance to do something more than a three second cameo. I can’t exactly place what I like about him, but not being Asta probably has a lot to do with it. His fight was entertaining enough regardless, though I would have liked to see Mimosa (really?) do something as well.

Covering something other than Asta does show some movement as Karandi said, but I won’t hold my breath on his side trip to Hage providing much of interest. I have to reiterate how much of a shame it is that this show’s pace is so unbearably slow, because at this rate even 51 episodes may not be enough to provide solid depth.

 Thank-you Weekend. Be sure to check out Weekend Otaku’s blog for our reviews of The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

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