200 Word Anime: Ancient Magus Bride Episode 2

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Weekend Otaku and I review the Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 2. Be sure to check it out.

2 thoughts on “200 Word Anime: Ancient Magus Bride Episode 2

  1. With finally seeing the OVA, I must admit I’m quite surprised we haven’t run into more frightening spirits and beings. Granted, we’re only in episode 2 and Elias’ presence surely makes them apprehensive, but I was expecting on the streets of the city for them to be lurking at her. Maybe hoping for Elias to let his guard down so they could make a move.

    1. That is true that the spirits seemed more malevolent in the OVA. Still, as you said, only episode 2, plus Chise isn’t on her own as she was when she was a child.

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