18if Episode 8: Do Dreams Come With Subtitles?



After asking last week whether Haruto was even the main character of this show, episode 8 seems to go out of its way to confirm that yes, this will be Haruto’s story… eventually. While last week Haruto seemed like a passenger in someone else’s story, this week, it seems the other character is sidelined as Haruto does some self-discovery.


There’s an interesting and yet incredibly not subtle message about disabilities and how the world treats and responds to those with hearing impairments. It leads to some interesting sound choices throughout the episode as well as discussions about communication. But if you want to know what happened to the girl in the rubble don’t hold your breath. She’s just in the story to make Haruto realise something about himself.


And what he realises is something a few of us have been wondering about from the beginning. Does Haruto ever wake up? We never see him in the real world. So who or what is he and why is he in the dream world? You know, other than to listen to the various girls who are on their way to becoming witches.

I don’t feel any closer to understanding what is actually going on with Haruto, but this episode makes me a little optimistic that the issue will be dealt with. Plus, this episode is gorgeous to look at. Really enjoyed the visuals this week.

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5 thoughts on “18if Episode 8: Do Dreams Come With Subtitles?

  1. I’m currently still in the middle of Ergo Proxy which I enjoy, but honestly it’s such a depressing series that I might need some therapy after finishing it. So I’m actually looking for something a bit more lighthearted to watch as well, and this might be perfect for that 😊

    1. There’s certainly some gore and violence but otherwise 18if has been pretty light in terms of its narrative. That said, they haven’t yet indicated what the end game of this series is going to be so it could be a game changer depending on how they handle it.

    1. The visuals are quite diverse with each dream having its own look so every episode kind of has a different style. Some are better than others. This week was particularly beautiful to watch.

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