18if Episode 7: Is Haruto Actually The Main Character?



Another dream, another art style and this one is super cute for the dark story you end up being a passenger in. What really bewilders is that Haruto doesn’t save the day, the witch, or really do anything. He is literally dragged along in the wake of the story standing in for the audience and then the story ends and he still hasn’t acted in anyway along the narratives course.


This leaves you with a very confused feeling about what Haruto’s role in the narrative of 18if is (or even if there is anything resembling an ongoing story in this collection of tales about witches in the dream world). For awhile it seemed there might be a larger narrative but the further along we get the less it seems we’ll actually get that story and even if we do, does this anime still have time to develop it?


Anyway, the story this week steals unapologetically from a myriad of stories but mostly makes use of The Wizard of Oz. It is a confusing and yet emotive journey, just don’t expect a happily ever after.

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6 thoughts on “18if Episode 7: Is Haruto Actually The Main Character?

  1. I still believe this was just a piece in a bigger picture (or so I wish). Nevertheless, I continue to quite enjoy it, some episodes more than others of course.

    The artstyle for this episode though, it was so novel to actually distract me from the dialogue… had to rewind some parts twice because I lost what they were talking about.

    1. I’ve liked the diversity in the art for this series. It really helps to sell the idea that we are in various people’s dreams. But yeah, this was quite the deviation and we didn’t start in Haruto’s usual room and then go to that person’s dream. We just started inside of it.

      1. Indeed, it was quite the nice choice from the studio. I had to check whether I was in the Anime series though, I think this is the first time to happen, as usually it’s the episode number the thing I have doubts on.
        Nevertheless, I find very suspicious the fact that we still haven’t seen Haruto outside a dream yet (from what my memory tells me, that is)

        1. I’m with you on the whole have we see Haruto outside of the dream and I’m almost sure we haven’t. I can’t quite be bothered rewatching to find out though.

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