18if Episodes 4 + 5: No More Curry, Ever


Review Episode 4:

As you may have picked up while I was watching March Comes in Like a Lion, I’m not a big fan of simple, catchy children’s songs mid-episode (let the shogi cat song disappear from my memory) and this episode of 18if hammers us with a song about curry. Over and over and over again. It was almost enough to make me stop watching the episode except that there is a definite question I have about Haruto that I want an answer to and I don’t want to miss it should they give it to us one random episode so skipping or passing on parts of episodes is definitely out.


This episode follows same basic formula of previous episodes in that there’s a witch and Haruto ultimately helps her get over her drama so she stops being a witch. Only in this case she wasn’t in a coma. She was just a normal girl who got dumped by her boyfriend. She kept waking up and going to her job. And then at night…


Well, everyone has some weird hobbies I guess and at least she’s asleep. But what about Haruto? Does he ever wake up in the real world? And why is he so special in dream land? Also, what’s Lily’s deal? I’m really wanting to know what his deal is and the show is persistent in not going there.

Review Episode 5:

Another episode, another witch. This one apparently escaping the burden of being a famous ice skater and somehow losing her love of skating because of all the other things that come with being famous. Too bad her dream leads her right back to the idea that she belongs on the ice.


Haruto is once again caught up in the witch’s dream, though it is interesting that some witches just seem to be playing out their fantasy while others seem to be actively controlling their dream and effecting people outside of their dream.


Still, it was Lily’s involvement in this episode that really starts you asking questions about where this is going. Lily keeps showing up and she calls Haruto brother but what is she actually up to? Why exactly did she infiltrate this witch’s dream and help send her back to reality (and why did no one mention to Haruto what reality was waiting for the witch)?


So many ongoing questions and yet I can’t deny I’m finding each story interesting in their own right even if I don’t really get where this is going.

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    1. I’m just trying to catch up because I started watching late due to travel. I’m still behind and think I’ll probably stay that way most of the season because work has been pretty busy.

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