18if Episode 13: We Came, We Saw, We Drank Tea and Ate Cake


Review – With Spoilers:

While I’ve enjoyed 18if all the way along, what this show really needed to lift it to something I would actually enjoy rewatching was a strong conclusion that really brought all those weird elements together. While they certainly brought back all the characters this episode, what we didn’t get was anything particularly satisfying about this conclusion.


The revelation that Lily is Eve even though Lily wants Haruto to kill Eve (kill turning out later in the episode to mean sully her purity, as in kiss her, which doesn’t happen either mind you so seems like an incredibly pointless part of the narrative) was pretty obvious when you sat and thought about it and again, does it matter? They don’t do anything with this idea of Lily representing Eve before and Eve being who she was after so is it necessary at all?


On the other hand, Eve has the incredibly clichéd motivation of being annoyed at god and clearly that means you should hate men and destroy the world. I really find this kind of motive for a bad guy dull. And even the writers must have realised how petty Eve was being given they appeased her by throwing a tea party. Not even joking. The witches all come back and eat cake and drink tea and that more or less stops Eve from destroying the world.


And then we finally get to Haruto, the one character the audience have had a chance to actually connect with. We know he’s in hospital in a coma and then… Then he decides to go with Eve through some door to someplace humans can’t go but says he’ll come back. Cut to scene in hospital where essentially he flat lines. No more from Haruto.  I’m not entirely convinced that this is in anyway a satisfying way to wrap up this show. Basically, I’m still glad I watched it because it has been visually interesting each week and some of the dreams have been quite fun, but the overall narrative has falled pretty flat in the end.

I’ll do a full review soon.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “18if Episode 13: We Came, We Saw, We Drank Tea and Ate Cake

  1. Wut.

    I read that line about “sullying purity with a kiss” and honest-to-god had to fight off the urge to slam my head against a wall.

    This oughta make an interesting series review from you though.

    1. Yeah, the religious angle at the end kind of felt a little left-field given they ahdn’t previously been hitting us with it and while that could have worked thematically, mostly this series just felt half-hearted.

    1. It was interesting, but not enough to justify the weird journey there. That kind of story really needs to nail the ending or it all just kind of feels like it didn’t serve much purpose.

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