18if Episode 12: I’m Feeling This Was A Little Anti-Climatic



This kind of seems like 18if has finally pulled everything together and is moving toward the final showdown between Haruto and Eve in the dream world, which means it really should be feeling exciting. We learn this episode where Haruto is in the real world (though no actual hints about how or why) and we also finally find and save the professor’s sister. That’s two big mysteries from the series solved and yet it all just felt kind of ho-hum.


What made it worse was the show seemed to be trying to set up various characters in a sinister light in the real world but that has no weight given everything of interest that’s happened in this story has happened inside the dreams. More importantly, even the witch that died came back this episode which means even death lost its weight and importance in this particular story.


While it is coming together, it is more working on paper than in reality. The feeling that you should have when watching this episode just isn’t there and the confrontation with Eve that will occur next week probably won’t fix the problem.

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Karandi James.


15 thoughts on “18if Episode 12: I’m Feeling This Was A Little Anti-Climatic

  1. I was legitimately surprised that Haruto was real. Also, the dead girl apparently helping out and such was unexpected. The rest of the episode was kind of meh but I did like when it rained blood all over the bad-guy-from-Gundam church guy.

    1. Does the weird cult guy actually have a name? I couldn’t remember and give all we saw him doing this episode was calling out to Eve and then get rained on I don’t think anyone mentioned it.

  2. Hmmm, I feel like I don’t see you post very many positive reviews! Which is fine. It’s just something I’ve noticed 🙂

    Or it’s not that there aren’t some positive things you acknowledge, but you don’t seem to go absolutely CRAZY for what you’re currently watching.

    1. She does positive reviews man, this season just didn’t have a lot going on. Well, it did but accessibility locked a lot of us out of the high profile shows.

          1. Yet clealy it is anime fans pirating that is ruining the industry – not distributors region locking things, delaying released, using double paywalls, etc, etc.

    2. This season has been pretty dull for me. Which is fine as there have been some really good anime seasons previously where I’ve had lots more shows in the must watch or usually entertaining category. I’m kind of looking forward to the new season starting because I’m really hoping there’s something more to my liking.

        1. I agree my reviews have been pretty negative lately and even I’m kind of over it. I love anime and I enjoy celebrating it but my watch list this season just didn’t work out. Still at least there was My Hero Academia and Princess Principal so the season wasn’t a waste.

          1. The wonderful thing is that every three months we get a whole bunch of new shows. While the end of slow seasons are a bit tiring, I’ve got the fun of anticipating what is coming.

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