18if Episode 11: Does This Count as Recap?



This episode of 18if was both satisfying, in that we are finally see them trying to connect all of these incidents and give us some explanation about Haruto, and also incredibly frustrating. Frustrating because we spend a large part of the run time flashing back through all ten withes we’ve previously encountered.


While Haruto’s mystery is one I’ve wanted dealt with, and I wouldn’t have minded one flashback through the encounters just to remind me because some of the earlier ones have become hazy, by the third time we cycled through the 10 girls that Haruto saved I was more or less over it and just wanted them to get on and make their point.


That said, we do get a direction for this show to go with the introduction of Eve. Some cult the Professor is encountering in the real world want Eve to wake up full of love to save the world (yeah, that seems dodgy no matter how you look at it). Lily wants Haruto to kill Eve. The Professor is still in information gathering mode, but is probably going to run out of time given Haruto is working with Lily and heading for Eve by the end of this episode.


Not that we have any idea what Haruto has decided given pretty much all we know is that he wants out of the dream world and he’s well aware at the moment that he can’t do that on his own. So the overall story is interesting, but this episode was a lot of recap and it felt like it dragged.

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4 thoughts on “18if Episode 11: Does This Count as Recap?

  1. I’ll have to like the actual article later. WordPress is being incredibly dumb today. At least I can comment though.

    Any way, I wasn’t expecting this to be so much recap. After the last episode this one felt like a bit of a letdown. The introduction of Eve was good though and has me intrigued. By the way, I made an off-handed remark about how the main character looks like a generic Gundam pilot to a buddy of mine and he agreed. Wonder if you thought the same ever. Also, the church leader totally looks straight out of LOTGH or something lol.

    1. This episode definitely was a letdown given how long we’ve waited for this story to come together. I hadn’t really thought about the main character as similar to a Gundam pilot. There’s Lind of a resemblance.

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