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thank you

I can’t believe I hit this before the one year anniversary (probably because I didn’t bother to do the maths) but yay! I’ve posted 1000 posts on 100 Word Anime.


To celebrate I decided to share some of my favourite posts, and write another post. It was kind of difficult narrowing down the list but eventually I decided to share a couple of different styled posts.

shiki 2

The first post is my review of Shiki which came out in May last year (which makes it one of my very first whole series anime reviews). The style is totally different to what I use now including the fact that I still actually had headings to structure my thoughts. In honesty I’ll probably re-review Shiki at some point now that I’ve had quite a bit more practice at writing reviews and now that I’ve rewatched it (again).

soul eater 2

The second post, and the second review on this list, is my 50th series review and it was Soul Eater. This was one of those insanely hard reviews to write because I am completely in love with the series but tried very hard to acknowledge some of the problems with the series.


Next, a Top 5 I really enjoyed writing. The problem is that I really enjoy all of my top 5 lists, because I mostly just start listing everything I can think of that fits the category and then play process of elimination until I get down to something manageable. Still, the one I had the most fun with was my Top 5 Characters with Totally Inappropriate Occupations. This list was in no way intended seriously and was a blast to write. The other top 5 list I considered here (so I’ll share the link anyway), was my Top 5 Draws When Deciding What to Watch.


Going through my previous features I realised a whole bunch of topics I thought I’d written about but hadn’t so I now have a really long list of ideas. However, the post that caught my eye and I remembered how fun it was to write is my feature On Overpowered MC’s. If I’m honest, I’ll admit I just get sick of people raging about Kirito being overpowered and this post was a response to that (please feel free to hate Kirito but at least come up with a better reason). By the way, my Kirito plushie is definitely not overpowered because it nearly died after an attack by a small housecat.

Before I finish up on this I just want to thank everyone who has visited my blog and read some of these posts. The only reason we’ve made it to 1000 posts is because of the ongoing support of my followers and I greatly appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the next 1000 posts as well.

thank you

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62 thoughts on “1000 Posts

  1. Congrats on hitting 1000 posts!! That’s huge! 😀 I love the posts and reviews I’ve read on your blog and I’ll definitely read the posts you linked. Keep up with the good work! 😄😄🎉🎉

  2. 1000 is seriously amazing, even without taking into consideration that you’ve been doing this for less than a year. You deserve a standing ovation.

    (looking forward to 2000)

  3. 1000 posts…just took a moment to stand still and think about that awesome achievement. Seriously…this is truly incredible. Just looked at your follower counter and realised that your getting close to 1000 followers. I hope your blog will continue to grow as much as it does. As I have stated so many times, I really enjoy reading it every single time. Continue having fun writing all these great post, and ofcourse: congratulations 😊

    1. Thanks, and thanks for being such a great supporter of the blog. It’s always great swapping views on different shows (or movies) with you.

    1. Thanks. Consistency is good I think and really what I was trying to achieve this first year. Now I want to work on increasingly content (though that is a very long term goal).

  4. Congrats! I’m new to the blogging community here on WordPress, but even I can tell what a great achievement that is. 1000 posts in less than a year is nothing to sneeze at! I took a look at the posts you listed here, and I really enjoyed them. My favourite was the one with the inappropriate jobs! That was so funny and true. I hope you will continue to produce enjoyable content for us to read. 😀

    1. Less than 1 year. 1 year anniversary is the 1st of May. Admittedly, it does include my words of wisdom posts that I did in the beginning which were just anime quotes.

  5. 1000! Wow and I just hit 100! HAHA, I have some catching up to do! 😉 Keep up the grate work! Here’s to a thousand more posts filled with great content! 😀

  6. Congratulations! You have reached a big milestone in your blogging career and I hope you will continue to reach even more heights in the near future. Waiting for more of your amazing posts!

  7. Congratulations!! 🎉🎉 That’s one hell of an accomplishment!! It’s amazing how you put out so much amazing content! I’ll definitely be checking out some of the posts you linked! 😊

  8. congratulations on reaching 1000 posts!! That’s such a huge number, I am always in awe of how much content you put out each week! Here’s to 1000 more and I’ll definitely have to read through some of the posts you linked, there are a few that slipped through the cracks XD

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