100 Word Anime Joins Facebook


The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory but here we go anyway:

100WordAnime now has a Facebook page!

Okay, so setting up the page is all well and good but I will need to actually do something with it, so that is clearly my next challenge because otherwise I’ll have a page that serves no purpose just sitting out there in cyber space with all the other abandoned pages…


However, that’s not something I’m going to worry about right now. Right now I am celebrating another step for 100WordAnime with the only kind of competition I can actually run at this point and time.

On offer:

A blog post written by me on any anime related topic for you.

I know, it’s kind of lame as a prize but it is all I have. However, there are a few minor conditions:


01: The post will be between 200 – 500 words.

02: The post will be emailed to an email address of your choosing within 7 days of you sending details of the topic to me via my contact page.

03: If you specify a single anime as the topic and I have not watched it, I will request a different topic. Realistically, it would be best just to give an anime related question that I can choose example anime to discuss but that is ultimately your choice.

04: I will not provide images to go with the post, however you may choose to add images.

05: You do not have to actually use the post on your blog. I don’t know exactly what else you would do with it, but you are not obliged in any way to publish it in any form should you choose not to.

06: If you do choose to publish the post, you will need to credit me as the author and a link back to my blog.

So how can you be in the running to ‘win’ this ‘amazing’ prize?

Visit my new and fairly empty Facebook page and like or follow the page by midnight on the 19th of August. (oh and ensure that you aren’t preventing people from seeing that you’ve liked the page because otherwise I won’t know who you are).

I will add all the names of people who like or follow the page into a random list generator on the 20th and whoever ends up at the top of the list will be the ‘winner’.


And that’s pretty much it for this post. But…

If you happen to have any advice, tips or ideas for how someone actually effectively uses a Facebook page, be sure to let me know because it is quite a steep learning curve and I still haven’t got my head around Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


19 thoughts on “100 Word Anime Joins Facebook

  1. With that, I followed you. Well, I don’t think I could give much tips about how to make your new page active as the page that I manage (With the help of my friend) isn’t even a tiny bit related to my wordpress blog, or even anime. However, I could give you this small tip that whenever you post something there, try to share it to a group that has massive number of members; these members would give you the views and likes required for your post and will slowly make your page active.
    I hope you remain as active there as you have been here, and that your page becomes really successful! Best of luck!!

  2. and followed! I’ve found the FB page hasn’t generated enough traffic for archi-anime just yet; but I haven’t decided what I want to do with it yet. I do run the OWLS FB page also, and have been pretty successful in gaining new followers consistently. If any new ideas come up i’ll be sure to pass them along to you! 🙂

  3. I’ll just stand to the side and applaud you for braving another social media platform for anime. Unfortunately, I have no tips to give. My rl fb page just…sits there. Messenger is useful and I occasionally upload pictures of myself. For the same reason, I can’t participate in your contest. I wish you good luck though!

  4. I wish I had some useful advice on what to do with a Facebook page that you don’t already do here or on Twitter, but like you I just use mine to keep in contact with people. It might work for people who want to discuss your posts but don’t use wordpress. I’ll look around for some ideas as well though.

    1. Thanks. I kind of wonder how people actually get good at social media because I really struggle to think of anything outside of the obvious.

  5. Followed you as soon as you announced it on Twitter the other day… 🙂

    Step #1, if you haven’t already, is to be sure you’ve enabled Facebook posting of blog updates.

    Step #2 is to follow my page.

    Then you have to decide what you’re going to do with the FB page… If you’re using it to promote your blog, you’re pretty much done after step #2.

    There’s not really any such thing as ‘AniFB’ they way there is ‘AniTwitter’ (that is, ongoing dialog, especially between creators). So I kinda disagree with Crystal’s advice (posting whatever you would on Twitter) in that respect, as that’s more “running a FB page” than “advertising the blog'”. Not that there’s anything wrong with running an FB page of course! But I suspect you’ll end up finding yourself running two different sites if you’re not careful.

    Maybe there should be an Ani-FB, where we cross promote each other’s work….

    1. Given anime isn’t even a content option for Facebook pages, I somehow don’t see Ani-FB taking off any time soon, but be sure to let me know if it does.
      I was actually wondering about enabling Facebook posting of Blog updates. Because I post at least three times a day, I wondered if that would just annoy people getting that many things through their feed. I don’t mind that happening on Twitter because it is easier to ignore. At the moment (after all of two days), I’m just selecting a post to share on the page rather than all of them.
      What are your thoughts?
      By the way, thanks for the very helpful advice.

      1. Anime isn’t a content option for Twitter either… Not in any relevant form. What drives ani-twitter is the individual connections and sharing each other’s content. There’s no particular reason that can’t happen on FB, though it does add more work.

        I hadn’t thought of FB in terms of the amount of content you produce daily, though you wouldn’t be the only poster on FB to do so. It’s rare among anime content producers however.

        On the flip side, unless people consciously set their “follow” settings properly, they may or may not see all your content… or even see any of it at all. Facebook’s algorithms display content based on interaction with the content. So if nobody interacts, the odds of it being displayed to an individual viewer drop sharply with each additional person who scrolls on past. It’s entirely possible for as few as 5-10% of your followers see your content. (The exact details are hidden, FB really doesn’t want us to find the secret sauce – they want us to pay for increased visibility, in dollars or in work to create compelling FB content.) The only thing that’s really known is that engagements (click through, likes, comments) increase visibility.

        FB’s goal in this game is to maximize ad revenue… and their strategy is to get you to create content that brings people to FB and keeps them on FB where they see the ads FB sells. If your content isn’t that compelling, they’ll happily let you pay for increased visibility. They make money either way. (I’ve paid for boosted content a couple of times, doesn’t seem to accomplish much.)

        For my part, I just let it run on autopilot… I get a couple of dozen click-throughs a week at no cost to me beyond the few moments spent setting up WordPress to automagically post update notifications and that’s good enough for me.

        And though Step 2 was meant as a joke, thanks for the follow!

        1. It’s probably because I only follow family and close friends who live far away on my personal Facebook, but I always have my stream showing newest posts rather than whatever it decides is interesting and I tend to scroll through every post for the day when I check in just to see what has happened (by that I mean, all five or six posts that the various people I follow have bothered to put up). That’s why I know when a person starts doing multiple posts in a day, it can get really tiresome.
          Thanks for the advice and the information. Its given me something more to think about.

  6. Welcome to Facebook 😀 After writing this comment I am going to follow you, but I honestly only have Facebook to just keep in touch with people whom I otherwise never speak to. I don’t do a lot with it, but still I do try to keep up with some pages as best I can. Cool idea for the competition by the way. Good luck with setting up your page 😊

    1. Thanks.
      Yeah, my personal facebook is only used to keep in touch with family because I live so far away from them, so I don’t really know how a lot of it functions.
      Still, Facebook seemed like the next logical step, and I wasn’t going to learn how to use it without trying so here’s to the experiment and we’ll see what happens.

  7. Congrats on making the facebook page! Got a follow form me 🙂

    All I really do on my page is post when I have a new video that’s done. I also post updates, and other news about things I’ve been doing/things related to what my page is about (mine is music, so taht’s why the youtube vids lol). From the slight skim I did of your facebook page, looks good so far! It’s what I’d expect to see on a FB page. Really anything you’d post on Twitter, you can post on Facebook. Haven’t really figured out what else to post on there honestly, I just have one because people say you should haha.

    1. Thanks for the honest opinion and the follow. I’m definitely slowly learning my way around social media but I think I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m actually using it effectively.

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