100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams Episodes 1 + 2: Fairy Tale Logic At Work


There’s something kind of fun about reliving a fairy tale even if it isn’t exactly thrilling. 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams is more of less what happens when you blend an otome game with a book of childhood fairy tales.


Our heroine has no name and is only referred to at the Princess. She’s been summoned from another world (clearly ours) to awaken the sleeping princes. The only twist on this generic set up is apparently she was originally from the Kingdom of Dreams and was banished and they’ve simply brought her back. That would be a neat twist if she had any memory of it, but she does not and so we just have a fairly clueless girl getting dragged into a fantasy setting where she simply prays so that the Princes in the party can have a power up to defeat the dream eaters. Honestly, the heroine annoyed me to no end in this and the basic set up more or less assures us that she will do nothing of note throughout the series other than become the damsel in distress and occasionally show signs of grim determination to encourage those who follow her.


The two ‘princes’ we meet in the first episode are a nice contrasting pair, though repeated dialogue is already wearing thin and we’re only two episodes in. We could definitely play a drinking game that every time Kiel says ‘probably’ we should take a drink and every-time Avi threatens to stab him we should take a drink and by the mid-way point of episode two I’m pretty sure even the most hardened drinkers might be falling off their chairs. The prince/princes introduced in episode 2 seem kind of interesting and I guess we’ll find out what’s going on with them in the next episode but given the title, I’m guessing we’re going to end up meeting a lot of guys as the story goes on (and why does every kingdom have a prince but there’s only one princess).

Navi, the ‘butler’ is also already a little on the annoying side and his repeated joke is to speak and surprise the other characters so that they exclaim that the stuffed animal spoke so that he can deny being a stuffed animal. Hilarious.


The visuals go from being breathtakingly beautiful when they focus a lot of attention on a particular scene (such as the Princess using her magic) to being truly ugly when they seem to have taken a short cut with the animation. Characters running and sometimes talking look particularly hideous at times and some backgrounds are less complete than others.


Despite all of that, if you enjoyed basic fairy tales as a kid, this is pretty much like walking through an extended fairy tale. Honestly, you could pick it apart really easily or you can just settle back and enjoy the ride. While the quality isn’t great, it isn’t unwatchable and I was kind of in the mood for it so despite all my complaints above I’m going to keep watching for a bit.

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Karandi James


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18 thoughts on “100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams Episodes 1 + 2: Fairy Tale Logic At Work

  1. Hmm…well..this doesn’t sound too good. Then again, I’m nearing the drop point of Angels of Death so I might even try it out anyway. I’m not much of a drinker, so I would probably (there is that word again) fall of my chair after one drink. Still…for some weird reason I can’t explain I’m just a tad bit curious for this one 😊

    1. I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you really are a sucker for fairy tales. That said, where my head is at the moment, this was kind of thing that just kind of worked because it didn’t challenge me or make me think in the slightest nor did it offend or annoy. I’m kind of hopeful for some easy watching from this one and twenty minutes a week where I can just shut off and watch.

      1. Hmm…well I do like fairy tales (the once upon a time tv show for instance rocks), but not yet sure about this. Maybe I will give this a go tomorrow just to see if it’s for me. Some easy watching is nice at times 😊😊

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