100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams Episode 6: From The Ocean to the Snow


Leaving the pirates and other Princes behind, we are now travelling through the snow. I’m glad the characters reminded us they were travelling to defeat Dream Eaters because I’d almost forgotten the main plot point from episode 1.


This anime has kind of meandered about and while each episode is still kind of okay to watch, I’ve more of less given up on the overall ‘plot’ given the show itself doesn’t seem interested in addressing it. This week we are introduced to three new princes in a frozen kingdom who are having some social issues (rather there seems to be some middle child syndrome going on). The oldest prince tells the Princess and her companions¬† that there are no dream eaters in the kingdom but then invites them to the castle anyway to given them information, before he offloads them onto the youngest prince to find the middle prince. No information given. It’s all just this happens and then this happens with little reason to care about anything going on as you kind of suspect it will all sort itself out anyway.


And even though the plot is wholly unsatisfying, the characters themselves remain bearable though not remarkable. The new princes introduced this week are perfectly fine even if their issues aren’t really particularly interesting, and overall I’m still kind of curious about Kihel’s past and the Princess and a few other points that the show just doesn’t seem to want to get to anytime soon.

So yes, watchable but there’s not a whole lot of point at this stage.

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